Executive Director

of the Sandtown Winchester Community Development Corporation (SWCDC) raised over 20M to complete various phases of community development



for the Greater Northwest Community Coalition (GNCC) Community, we received an award of approximately 700K for operation and implementation of the Senior Home Improvement Program


Received various awards and certifications within the area of real estate


and equipped approximately 1000 families with Homebuyer/ tenant Education


approximately 200 residential units and 3 commercial structures for various non-profits in the Baltimore metro area

CEO of Community Solutions

we have developed and sold approximately 10M in single-family housing (2009-Present)


1-on-1 Rehab

The one-on-one Rehab Business Building Coaching is an ongoing tactical development & project accountability consulting program custom-tailored for the growth-focused rehab investor. It exists to help coaching clients get further faster on their rehab business goals, inspire purpose-driven action in projects from start to finish, and to empower residential rehab developers through the wealth and depth of knowledge from Luvon’s two decades of experience, hundreds of properties flipped, and relationships built in the community.

As a Rehab Business Building Coaching client, you will have the personal attention of – and accountability to achieve – me. The Rehab Business Building Coaching program consists of over 45 high intensity training calls per year with the focus on achieving the goals you’ve set for your business. Throughout our training, you will have me to guide you through your next breakthrough and provide you real-time, honest, and sincere feedback. You won’t always be comfortable; but you will always be growing and perfecting your new techniques and attitudes to take your rehab business and income to new heights.

Project Management Consulting

Community Solutions provides professional consultation for experienced residential rehab developers for all aspects of the project. For those who
value and understand the benefits of a second opinion, or who may be nearing a dead end in the project, reviewing the project together is a natural next step.

Our professional consultation is designed to help residential rehab developers overcome challenges, push past adversity, and achieve the best bottom line results

Site Visits and Project Mentorship

The Site Visits and Project Mentorship program is the perfect learning solution for the new and/or up and coming rehab developer who is looking to gain “on the scenes” insight on how to professionally manage a rehab project from start to finish.

In this program, you will have the opportunity to shadow Luvon on existing projects, gain professional insights into how-to’s and know-how’s on residential rehab, and learn the systems necessary for predictable, repeatable success in residential rehab.

Live Workshops & Events

Our live training and virtual coursework is designed to complete the foundational building blocks for your residential rehab business, of which steady, secure, and positive growth are all future mainstays of your business. View our current and upcoming educational opportunities and schedule your next step forward toward growth in your business. See you there!